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It's about three months since the first time I learned the cutesy more than ever.

Learning such things that slowly but surely alter my style, I found myself doubting about a thing I should do to balance the output: draw more males, manly ones. I've drawn lots of girls since the beginning of year, while I rarely draw some guys and even a slight of testosterone :lol:


Still have lots of essays and a bunch of works to be done, not to mention there are some commissions to be done as well. Gonna have a good time circa August or later, perhaps.

Commission? Of course, yes. I still open it although I don't announce it here in deviantArt. Interested? Send me a note. :lol:


The Little Witch by foresteronly
The Little Witch
Meet Witchiko the Little Witch
This is a redesign of the original concept made by my friend, adding ornaments and the bubbles on hat and large brooch on the chest. She's not an ordinary little witch; she's Bubble Witch, whose spells involving bubbles.

This was one of my character design practices; a cleaner scan of this

Done with HB and 2B pencils on 70gsm copy paper
Lareyna the Bard by foresteronly
Lareyna the Bard
A concept art from 2014. 

Here is Lareyna, the wandering bard of Eremidia. Respected for her talent in music and contributed as one of notable musician in early Eremidia age.
She is one with her banjo, which is also useful for bashing a Gobukin--Eremidian goblin-like critter--in the time of needs.
Hmm... As expected. by foresteronly
Hmm... As expected.
Been trying some coloring techniques, but this one gave the most satisfactory.

This is Richter Heimsdel, the Eremidian Town Guard.
Mita and Witchiko by foresteronly
Mita and Witchiko
A quick doodle when chilling up with mates.

Here are Kitten Mita and Witchiko the Little Witch, both retouched to fit my style :lol:
Those aren't mine; they're my friends', yet I can only tag :iconrondchild: here.

Done with HB and 2B pencils on 80gsm copy paper
Arlesha and Arika: Eremidian Foretellers by foresteronly
Arlesha and Arika: Eremidian Foretellers
The Seer of South and Oracle of North, both received a plushie of Town Guard. Nice plushie.
Despite of their looks, they aren't a sibling. 

Cropped into wallpaper size. Spread the foretold love from the Eremidia!

Done with HB and 2B pencils on 70gsm copy paper. 
Retouched with tilts of simple hue and brightness/contrast.


foresteronly's Profile Picture
Eremidian Town Guard
Artist | Hobbyist
Fear not. I won't harm you. This photo is kinda recent and I'd like to use it as my profile picture here in deviantArt.

Maybe I'm less known in my country, but this is me, the everyday shaggy sketch-a-holic guy. Drawing is one of my hobbies, and lately I'm not that active to draw something, though.

I am the man behind Eremidia: Dungeon! and the previously Wandering Brawler ( .

Well, thanks to visit my deviantArt page and hope you like my works here. :lol:

P.S.: ForesterOnly's name was taken from a house in front of the place in first time I knew deviantArt:lol:

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