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Deceiveful Gesture by foresteronly
Deceiveful Gesture
When this girl pose this gesture, beware of your purse. It'll be lost in any minutes.
Dorothy Gale the (materialistic) Treasure Hunter, redrawn with my improved techniques.

Done with HB and 2B pencils on 70gsm copy paper.
Luna the Elf by foresteronly
Luna the Elf
Caught a glimpse to made this one.
It's customary, although it's not necessary, to make an elf girl with bow.

I made Luna into elf form just for this one.

Made with HB and 2B pencils on 70gsm copy paper.
Sorry for the quality, though.
Trying to say some words? by foresteronly
Trying to say some words?
Old drawing from the old stash days ago. Yet another Eremidia stuff...

Done with HB and 2B pencils on 70gsm copy paper.
Sorry for the webcam quality, tho :(
Little Witch by foresteronly
Little Witch
A study of costume--now it's about the wide-brimmed hat. 
Have watched some of fantasy-themed movies that feature witches in their stories, then I decided to learn to draw that 'witch hat'. And yes, this is (one of) the result(s).

Featured here is Witchiko, the little witch with the wide-brimmed hat as her key signature, even though it's a common thing for a witch...

This character--named Witchiko--isnt' mine; it's my friend's. I can't find his deviantArt account yet...
Pose study... by foresteronly
Pose study...
Reviewing some references and decided to make this done. It's rare to see girls in this kind of bending pose, but well I made the sketch of it.
The left hand still needs some revisions, while I managed to learn the curve but still, those look rigid at second glance.

Done with HB and 2B pencils on 70gsm copy paper


foresteronly's Profile Picture
That shaggy sketchaholic guy...
Artist | Hobbyist
Okay, I'll tell some points about me.
Forgive me for some grammar mistakes. My English is mediocre and getting worse lately...

First, I like some drawings and writings, when programming is my primary job (in apprentice level obviously). Despite of I do my hobbies when I have some spare time, I don't drill into it too much. I draw when I want :lol:

Most drawings I've done are traditional, pencil works, and few are done colored digitally. I seldom to finish a picture to be colored, though...

Yes. I'm Indonesian and I'm proud of it. I don't know with others but it's good to live in this country.
Well, I'm focusing myself around Bandung, though :lol:

Also known as developer of Eremidia: Dungeon! and the previously Wandering Brawler ( . Also known as Web Developer of the cozy, too. Meanwhile I'm getting a life as anything I can as long as it has connection with computers.

Well, thanks to visit my deviantArt page and hope you like my works here. :lol:

P.S.: ForesterOnly's name was taken from a house in front of the place in first time I knew deviantArt:lol:

Initially added a self-insert character to introduce the entire system of the game, now that character is being my current identity.


Yes. That's the sprite of (that guy who supposed to be) me. He'll make a debut in Eremidia: Dungeon! as one of essential NPCs...

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i like ur workSpongeBob (Angel) its really good
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lol thanks :lol:
most of them are done in my spare time, anyway. Glad if you like my works.
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salam kenal XD
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